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    Culture & History Buffs Day Trip Itinerary


    Start the day downtown Dauphin. Head to Western Bakery for some seasonal fresh dill buns, perogy bread, or some famous ooey gooey sticky buns!

    Stop in at Trocadero and get a hot (or cold) cup of java from Trocadero to pair with your sticky buns for breakfast!


    Learn about Dauphin's history by taking a self-guided Historical Walking Tour. Pick up the walking tour map features some straightaways and spurs – set your route, do it all at once, or break it up!

    After working up an appetite you can stop in at Showdra Meats and stock up on the famous locally produced kubasa and dill pepperoni. 


    Check out Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival Gift Shop and drop in at The Prairie Corner to browse a wide selection quirky Ukrainian-themed treasures and gifts.

    For supper you can order a Spicy Perogy pizza or conquer the Perogy Palooza from Corrina’s on Main Family Dining, topped with fried onions and served with kolbasa, sauerkraut, and sour cream!


    Dauphin covers a large geographic area but it easy to get here and there are several options for getting around.

    Dauphin by Car

    There are various routes to get to Dauphin. Please use Google Maps to determine which route is best for you.

    Always remember to check driving conditions before travelling here.

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    Car Rental & Taxis

    Car Rental
    U-Drive Car Rental - 1-888-270-6804

    Dauphin Taxi - 204-638-3315
    Dauphin Handi Van - 204-638-8884


    Via Rail

    Via Rail offers an inexpensive and unique travelling experience for those with a little more time to explore! VIA gives mountain bikers the chance to bring collapsible bikes and camping gear for little to no charge and ride the multitude of trails in beautiful Riding Mountain, which offers some of the best terrain east of the Rockies.

    Visit ViaRail.ca today to plan your trip.



    Dawson Logistics Maple Bus Lines
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    Mahihkan Bus Lines
    White Dove Water Company & Laundromat is our local Mahihkan Bus Lines agent.
    For more information on routes and schedules, visit mahihkanbuslines.com, call 204-629-2837 or email dauphin@mahihkanbuslines.com


    About Dauphin Tourism

    The Tourism Dauphin office is a joint effort between City of Dauphin and Rural Municipality of Dauphin and the unified voice for tourism in the region.

    We are the most trusted source of accurate information for any travelers visiting the area. Stop by the office at 100 Main Street South or use the form and we would be happy to help you!