Putting the win in winter, Dauphin is on trend with the family-favourite past time of tobogganing. While there may be some secret sledding hills, this area has a few well-known and well-used sites.

    The Dauphin Bible Camp (DBC) is host to the Dauphin Bible Camp Toboggan Hill. DBC  is located on the northern slope of Riding Mountain National Park and open during daylight hours. For more information call 204-638-5568, or email

    Barker Hill, on the grounds of Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. School, at 1516 Bond Street in Dauphin is a gently sloping hill with enough room for a large group of outdoor enthusiasts. A perennial favourite, the hill is in the fenced area of the elementary school grounds.

    The Dauphin Memorial Community Centre grounds will soon be home to a much-anticipated multi-use toboggan slide, the Co-op Community Toboggan Run in Dauphin. 

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