Selo Ukraina - Ukrainian Folk Arts Centre & Museum

    Selo Ukraina, which means Ukrainian village in English, is a centre for the preservation of Ukrainian culture and heritage in Manitoba.

    The site of Canada's National Ukrainian Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest and other major events, the facility is on the northern slopes of Riding Mountain National Park, 12 km south of Dauphin.

    The Ukrainian Heritage Village depicts a pioneer settlement of the prairies between 1896 and 1925, consisting of pioneer homes, farm buildings, a church, a prairie school and a store. Rhodes Hall is home to the Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame with cases of records, instruments and memorabilia. The well-kept grounds showcase antique farm equipment and include live demonstrations during some summer events throughout the farming season.

    Telephone: 204-638-9401or 204-638-4374


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